Article courtesy of Argus Leader.

GreatLIFE Suburban Lanes is getting an updated yet throwback look.

The bowling alley at 2621 S. Spring Ave. is being remodeled to incorporate a 1950s theme and turn it into a family entertainment center.

It was bought by GreatLIFE Malaska Golf & Fitness late last year.

“We’re completely redoing the reception area and restaurant,” GreatLIFE CEO Tom Walsh said. “We’re taking out video lottery and are looking at a soda fountain/diner effect as the theme. We’re going to have ’50s music playing throughout.”

The new theme is appropriate in part because the building dates back to the 1950s and hasn’t been updated since then, Walsh joked.

He was inspired by a party held there recently for Burger King staff.

“I walked in and they had this ’50s music blaring and the place was just packed with our team members and restaurant leaders and they were having a blast,” said Walsh, a Burger King franchisee. “And, being an old guy, it was nostalgic, and we were having a lot of fun, and I think people need to have some escape to kind of remember how good things were back then and just have some fun together.”

Golf also will be more prominent in the remodeled Suburban Lanes.

Six out of 16 bowling lanes will be taken out to make room for three golf simulators and potentially a miniature golf course.

A new viewing space will be created for spectators to watch bowlers, and large screens are being added above the lanes to view sporting events on TV or movies.

The renovation also includes a new roof and improved parking lot.

“We’re really setting up for corporate outings, anniversary parties and really to get kids and families in there and show them the connectivity of golf and bowling, just making it a fun opportunity to do things together,” Walsh said.

The goal is to be done with the project by Labor Day.

When it reopens, GreatLIFE Suburban Lanes will continue to offer members free bowling any time lanes are available. Other bowling alleys in the GreatLIFE network — Empire Bowl at 3800 S. Westport Ave. and Sport Bowl at 1901 W. Burnside St. — offer discounts and some free bowling.